Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for Just One Wish

J is for Just One Wish (Janette Rallison)

Annd . . . what’s the blurb?
Seventeen-year-old Annika Truman has never considered "genie" as a career option, but maybe she should have. She'll do anything to fulfill her little brother's only wish before his cancer surgery. The trouble is, he wants the actor who plays Teen Robinhood to pay him a visit. 

Steve Raleigh is handsome, cocky, and most likely unreachable. Annika has only a few days to drive to Hollywood and convince him to come home with her. She doesn't expect to find romance, or humor, and she certainly doesn't expect Steve to understand her better than she understands herself. But life is full of surprises, both the bad and the good. On a seemingly impossible adventure that includes paparazzi, bows and arrows, and one enormous snake, Annika learns a few lessons about family, love, and having her own wishes granted. 
Part comedy, part tear-jerker. Teen girls who loved Fault in Our Stars will adore this romance novel with heart. 

Publishers Weekly has called Rallison's YA contemporary romances "Hilarious."

A Secret About the Author: To research a book that involved Hollywood sets, I interviewed one of Harrison Ford's personal assistants, and Richard Hatch, the original Apollo from Battlestar Galactica. Writing has its perks.

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