Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Writer's Block

What am I reading now?  Under a Georgia Moon (Cindy Roland Anderson)

Annnd what do I think so far?  Whenever I'm discouraged about finding a fun sweet romance, I can always count on a book by this author to have just what I'm looking for. Enjoy this book--heck, go all out and enjoy 2 or 3 from Anderson! (p.s. I love the shoes she puts on all her covers!)

Addie Heywood thought she was doing okay after her fiancé dumped her just weeks before their wedding, claiming he’d found someone else more compatible with his health food tastes. But when he marries the other woman three months later, Addie needs to get away. Leaving her home in Idaho, she escapes to Mitchel Creek, Georgia to visit her Aunt Janie. She just wants to spend the next two weeks enjoying her aunt’s southern cooking, not dodging the guys her aunt is determined to set her up with. 

Chase Nichols isn’t looking for love. His dream is to trade his computer mouse for his guitar and make it big in the country music world. If he can land a job in Nashville, he might have a shot at getting discovered. His plans get derailed when he does his neighbor a favor and picks up her niece, Addie, at the airport. Things get even more complicated when his ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. That’s when he hatches a new plan. Since Addie wants to avoid her aunt’s matchmaking schemes, and he wants to avoid his ex-girlfriend, they’ll fool the world by pretending to date. What neither of them counts on is actually falling in love.

Writer's Block
Every time Deanna and I finish a book, it's like our brains take a vacation. We can't write. It's really just best for us to take time off. Relax. Do something different. Then later, start again. 

We've been off writing for the last couple of weeks, but last night we were able to get some fun ideas down for a new story.

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