Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting out of the Slush Pile

What am I reading now?  Glimmer of Hope (Sarah M. Eden)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? I loved this and sat with tears at the ends of my lashes while reading this most of this story. This is not a usual romance or a usual Sarah Eden romance. Usually, I expect witty dialogue and fun misunderstandings, but this book doesn't follow that pattern. It is tender and heartfelt. I hope you enjoy it!

Miranda Harford was young, carefree, and desperately in love. But when her new husband left for London without her, her world fell apart. Devastated by his abandonment, Miranda fled their home, taking residence for three years at her husband’s rarely visited countryside estate. 

Carter Alexander Harford, Seventh Viscount Devereaux, is a man driven to succeed. His work is his life, and the position of Prime Minister of England is within reach. But in truth, Carter is a man haunted by lost love. Estranged from his beautiful wife, Carter is shocked to find Miranda—the woman he’d loved and who he believes has left him—in residence at his country home.

Storymakers 2014 Conference

The first session I attended this year was a slush pile simulation. Agents sat on a panel and listened to the first page of a story. They were to hold their hand up as soon as they thought they'd stop reading. It seem to me that this year the agents gave really insightful comments that could be applied beyond the pieces they were listening to. This seemed like great list of ideas for checking my manuscripts. Here are some of my favorite comments from that session.

Too internal for me. I'd like to know where the character is, if it is male or female and an approximate age. Too vague, more physical details.
Two typos in the first couple of paragraphs--I'd stop there.
Too many adjectives, and they are standard and not unique.
Change the sense you are using (then reread 5 sentences which all described sight).
There's no drama in the opening.
What is the era, when in time?
Missed opportunity for humor early on.


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