Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reading Challenge

What am I reading now?  The Sharpest Blade (Sandy Williams, Shadow Reader #3)
Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  I am so sad to see this series ending. I know--I'd never want the war to go on and on just for the sake of my entertainment, but I've enjoyed it so much! Great urban fantasy.
          McKenzie was recruited to work for the King in a fight against rebels, that was 10 years ago, and from the moment she started, she had to leave her normal human life behind. When she was captured by the rebels, she found the lines between good and evil in the war were blurry at best and nonexistent the rest of the time. Who should she believe? Who could she trust with her life? Or the lives of her friends? Or the fate of the Realm?
          All the books are out now and the story ends with this book. Enjoy!

Reading Challenge
Ring out the old year and ring in the new!

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