Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Title Gymnastics

What am I reading now? Rising (Holly Kelly)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  Xanthus, a powerful Dagonian (similar to Mermen) soldier, is sent to the human world to stop the humans from poisoning the oceans and killing thousands of Dagonians. While investigating the humans responsible, he notices Sara. To everyone else she is an introverted, paraplegic human, but to him she's a criminal, an abomination, who he must kill.

Fun, creative story. This is a clean read full of action and plot-twists. Doesn't need a second book, but if it has one I'll buy it. :)

Title Gymnastics

Deanna and I need to title a book, but everything we've tried falls a little flat of our expectation. The books was originally titled "Book" then it became "Delia's Story". And seriously with any attempt on our part, it could only get better from those two titles. So I've been pouring through my library and through Goodreads looking at titles, thinking about why those were chosen and how that might apply to our story.

Nancy Kress (Writer's Digest article in 1994) suggested using grammatical structures for ideas for titles. Here are some grammatical structures and a title example of each. Then we tried it on for our own story.

•Possessive-Noun: Sean Griswold's Head; Delia's Lives

•Article-Noun: The Help; The Seance

•Adjective-Noun: Shadow Kiss; Fractured Time

•Article-Adjective-Adjective-Noun: The Romantic Young Lady; The Poor Rich Debutante

•Article-Adjective-Noun: The Torn Wing; The Damaged Debutante

•(Article)-Noun of Noun: City of Bones; Fact of Lives

•Noun for Noun: A Rose for Emily; Bargain for Delia

•Noun with Noun: The Girl with the Iron Touch; The Girl with Two Souls

•Prepositional Phrase: Beneath A Marble Sky; Within Two Worlds

•Verb-Prepositionsal Phrase: Taken by Storm; Sold to the Highest Bidder

•Noun and Noun: Friends and Foes; Fear and Happiness

•(Article) Noun-Prepositional Phrase: Tuesdays at the Castle; Memories in New York

•Infinitive Phrase: To Kill A Mockingbird; To Live by Choice

•Adverbial Phrase: When You Reach Me; How to Stay

•The Noun Who: The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window; The Girl Who had Two Lives

•A Command: Die for Me; Choose

•If-Clause: If I Stay; If I Die Young

Okay, this was hard! (And some of these are horrible!) But it forced us to think outside the normal titles we were considering. I've underlined some of the titles that might work for the story.

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Deanna said...

These are a fun way to find title options you wouldn't have thought of initially, fun!