Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Short Term Goals for the Hero(ine)

What am I reading now?  Invisibility (Andrea Cremer and David Levithan)
Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  I loved the New York-iness, the landmarks and sounds, the busyness and bigness in the setting for the story. I loved the original idea of the person who feels invisible there and the person who is. Stephen was born invisible, to his parents, to everyone, to himself. He has never been seen and has only interacted with his mother who died recently. When Elizabeth sees him and talks to him, he's shocked and wonders what is different about her that allows her to do what he has desperately wanted but also feared.

The book is written from both point of view characters, alternating chapters. I loved the writing style of Cremer but not the character (Elizabeth) so much. I loved the character of Stephen much, much more but the writing style of Levithan didn't resonate with me. I'm sure this is a personal preference and many people will see it differently.

 Short-Term Goals For Characters
Here's something Deanna and I have been learning this past month. We've been thinking about and plotting a serial series. We haven't been big on plotting before, usually we saved plot analysis for revision. But this time we are using the structure from Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. There are 15 plot points to a completed story. But since we are writing a serial we have the basic 15 plot points over the completed series but 15 within each novella too.

What we are forced to consider is how each novella has to have a goal the characters work toward. These become the subgoals for the larger story. The ah-ha we've had is how our new learning about sub-goals will affect our future writing of novels as well.

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Donna K. Weaver said...

What a fun experience for you guys to have together. I love epiphany moments like that and kind of feel like I'm on the verge of one--if I can find the time to work on those projects! lol