Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mentors, Sidekicks and Minions

What am I reading now?  Going Vintage (Lindsey Leavitt)
Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  You'll notice on my blog that I shy away from (read as run screaming from)  YA contemporary fiction. I hate issues; I hate dealing with someone else's issues, and even I hate romances when they have heavy issues. Any questions? Didn't think so--pretty plain.

So when my daughter suggested I read this book, I was a little skeptical. But no worries! I love chick lit and this book reads like that. Kinda fun. Kinda crazy. Kinda feel good. That doesn't mean there aren't problems, like rotten online cheating boyfriends who leave their computer wide open with messages from the other woman on it. Mallory's boyfriend, Jeremy, says his online status is "MARRIED". Married? And his virtual wife is Bubble Yum. They have an virtual dog and very intimate conversations while Mallory is completely absent from his online life. Fine, she can be absent from his real life too.

My favorite character is Mallory's little sister, Ginny. She's wise beyond her years (2 years younger than Mallory), says what she thinks and doesn't miss hidden clues into her family's troubles. Grandma is fun too--but I'll stick with Ginny as the fave. If this book isn't on your to-read list, put it there or just skip the list and go buy it.

Mentors, Sidekicks and Minions

Just like the book I'm recommending this week, novels need great secondary characters to support their main characters. The supporting cast helps the protagonist see a range of possibilities for the outcomes of several choices they have to make. For example:
One supporting character can try to lead the Protag to make better choices while another one tempts her to go another way
One might be a friend through thick and thin and another might betray her
One has much to teach the Protag while another is completely clueless and makes everything worse
One's life could mirror the Protag but being a little further on a similar path can share wisdom while another's life could mirror the result of not listening to good advice
One builds up the Protag and another plants doubt
One can make the Protag laugh and another can make her cry

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Donna Smith said...

I usually don't like romance either but this sounds like a light fun read, and those I definitely do like! Great review!