Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Art from Life

What am I reading now?  Forevermore (Cindy Miles)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? Sweet YA romance.
Ivy and Logan share a love of music and each other, but can never touch. Logan lived in the 14th century Scottish Highlands. Ivy is an American girl displaced to Scotland when her mother marries Niall, who takes them to live in his ancestral home, Glenmorrag Castle, in present day Scotland. Logan is a ghost and Ivy searches for answers to the mystery of his death--which may result in her own.

Honestly, I fell a little in love with the Scottish brogue, which always makes someone more adorable, and in this case all the secondary characters.

Art from Life

Howard Taylor (another presenter at the iWriteNetwork workshop) spoke about world-building for our novels. One of the notes I took says: Look at how current events can it be mapped onto your story—how would the story or fact be different in your character's situation or your novel's world? So I looked through the current events (Yahoo) to see what could be tweaked or twisted for story ideas.

Here are a few:
•Deformed fruit and veggies grow around site of nuclear accident
•Robot gymnast sticks landing
•On-demand Ice Cream trucks -- cell phone calls bring the delivery
•Big-nosed horned-faced dinosaur discovered in Utah
•It's not too far-fetched to worry that the National Security Agency could one day ask Microsoft for access to video feeds of users' living rooms through the Xbox One Kinect sensor
•Liquid metal can be molded but has twice the strength of titanium

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