Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time for a Quicky...

What am I reading now?  Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? Right from the start of the book, you know Celeana is an assassin. She was trained by the King of Assassins since she was 8 years old and now at 17 she's the best assassin in the kingdom. After being betrayed she was imprisoned as a slave in a mine for her crimes but the Crown Prince gives her a chance for freedom if she will compete as the Crown Prince's candidate for the King's new Champion.

I'll say it again--she's an assassin--but I found myself rooting for her to win over the men trained to be soldiers. There was an interesting character comparison going on in the story between looking at the idea of who is killing--the assassin, the soldier,  the guard, the beast.  What makes one person a hero and another a criminal?
          This is book one of an upcoming series. There are a few hints about Celeana's past or her family's past, but they are undeveloped. Hopefully, that part takes on more importance in the next book.

Time for a Quicky…
Mix one box of Angel Food cake mix with another (non-Angel food cake mix) in a gallon size baggie. 

To make a mug-of-cake, place 3 tablespoons of mix in the mug, add 2 tablespoons of water and stir. 

Microwave for 1 minute. Top with ice cream syrup, whipped topping, crushed candy bar, chocolate chips…you get it, something yummy! 

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Wendy Swore said...

looks like a really fun book! Did you get it at the library or online?