Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Style Beyond the Simile

What am I reading now? Sividious Stark (Greg Park)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  Being smart and logical is all well and good until you also add in mischievous. Science geek, Sividious Stark knows how to retaliate against a bully without getting caught, using chemistry to embarrass the oaf.   His father was a gifted scientist until a tragic accident took his life. When Sividious meets Aya, a fairy-looking creature who is being forced to participate in "The Games".  A gladiator-style event for beings from all over the universe. It isn't an honor; it's brutal slavery, fight to the death. Sividious knows he must try to help.
     I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to be included in every teacher's classroom library. Oh, and if you have a teen or tween (that's also a high reader), I bet they'll love this book.

Style Beyond the Simile
What separates a great book from an amazing book?
For me, it's the writing. Not the story or the character. Great books have superior elements for both of those traits. But the choices the author made as the sentences were constructed that tell the story are the point that separates great from amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite sentence choices:

Anaphora: This is when 2 or more sentences share the same words or phrases, creating a cohesiveness between the two sentences. Each sentence becomes more powerful!

Synecdoche: This is when a word or phrase that is a part is used to name the whole. For example, "hands" can refer to the people who are hired on the cattle ranch.

Metonymy: This is a little like the synecdoche, but this time the word or phrase is not part of the word it's replacing. This is like when the word Wall Street refers to the men and women who work there.

Chiasmus: This creates a familiar structure by flipping the phrases. "I am stuck on Band-Aid brand, 'cause Band-Aid's stuck on me."

Antithesis: Two contradictory or contrasting words/phrases used together. "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

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