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"Dissension" and Author Adrienne Monson

Interview with
author of

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I've always loved reading. My dad's influence, I'm sure. He always had four bookshelves brimming with paperbacks, and boxes full as well. When he moved out of state, he gave me my inheritance:  two bookshelves with more than enough books to fill them! I was delighted. Besides my voracious appetite for books, I love to exercise, eat delicious foods, and socialize with friends. I'm married with two little ones. My toddler keeps me active and helps me practice having patience while my oldest is steadily becoming smarter than both his parents. 

And about your book:
Dissension is book one of the Blood Inheritance Trilogy. It's about vampires and immortals (yes, they are two different species) battling each other to find the prophesy child. Leisha is a reluctant vampire who's trying to juggle her sense of morality with her duty to the vampires. Her estranged husband, an immortal, has just come back into the picture. She never stopped loving him and is wondering if he can ever love her again.

Why would someone want to read your book?
It's an easy read (what can I say - I'm not that complex of a person) that is full of action while recreating old myths.

What is your writing process like?
First is a rough draft. I skip the outline process and just write out the draft. Then I go back and revise. I may change or add several things from the rough draft. After that, I write detailed bios on each character. Then I revise the manuscript with the characters' personalities at the forefront of my brain. At this point, I send it out to beta readers and look at their feedback. After another revision with their notes in mind, I send it out again to my critique group for a thorough inspection. It usually just takes one more revision after that, and it's ready to be submitted to my publisher.

What quirky things do you have to do to write?
While I consider myself to be VERY quirky, I don't have any strange habits with my writing. I do write better at night, when I'm really tired. Besides that, I just write whenever I have time. If the juices aren't flowing, I pick up a book and read instead. That usually gets my mind where it needs to be.

What inspires you as a writer?
As mentioned above, reading always turns my brain into fantasy land where I have my pick of any story. Besides that, everything! From the news to listening to random stories, everything sparks some random story in my head. The tricky part for me is to act normal, like there's not three different stories with characters I love playing in my brain at once.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Immerse yourself in the writing industry. Join writing groups and critique groups, go to writing conferences. That will teach you so much to help you mature as an author. Not to mention it will help you to network and find connections that will help you to get published.

Something about you that would surprise or shock your readers? 
Some of the darker scenes in my books can disturb me. I'll have to take a break from writing them, or just flat out cry as I write them out. I think it's because I know the full details of what's happening even though I don't spell it out in graphic detail for my readers.

Which character is most like you?
I try not to put myself into a character too much, but if I had to choose... probably Rinwa. I like to think I'm a tough girl. ;)
Publication Date: Feb. 23rd
Mark your calendars vampire fans!
Her website is http://adriennemonson.com

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