Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Short Synopsis

What am I reading now? Slated (Teri Terry)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? In a political compromise to make the world safe from young gang members and criminals and to treat the criminals humanely, the very thing that makes them human is removed--their identity. Their mind is a blank slate. All memories are wiped. They start over. New place. New life. New chance. Kyla is slated but memories begin to surface. She is an anomaly: memories begin to surface and her emotions (which are being monitored) don't react the same way they should to the control unit she wears. Are people only slated for being terrorists or is there something more sinister in the government's mind control?
          This is a creative first novel for this dystopian series. There's definitely enough interest created that I'll continue reading the next book too.

Short Synopsis

I took a great class from Donna Weaver this past Saturday at the iWriteNetwork Winter Workshop. Deanna and I have a few manuscripts we've been working on and would like to send them to agents, but almost all of them ask for a short synopsis to be included. I had no idea how to write one.

Donna presented on how to use the outlining ideas from Save the Cat (see my post on Plot-holes to see the outlining technique) by Blake Snyder to write the synopsis.

Seriously--that seems so obvious now.

You simply write 1-3 sentences for each part of your story structure:
Opening Image
Break into Act 2
B Story
Fun and Games
Bad Guys Close In
All Is Lost
Dark Night of the Soul
Break into Act 3
Final Image

Then you add in the transitions and smooth it out for good flow and presto--short summary!

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