Tuesday, January 1, 2013


What am I reading now?  Blood Prophecy (Alyxandra Harvey: Drake Chronicles)
Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  This is an amazing conclusion to a awesome 6 book series! Yes, I said conclusion--but OOOOOOh I hope there is more.

If you haven't read the others, you still have time. This one comes out next week. You can do it--5 books--one week--trust me once you start you will read them all! Here's my post on the other books in this series: Read HERE

The cliff hanger from the last book left Solage turning dark. Who will stand with or against her? Who can be trusted? When a civil war breaks out among the vampires, the humans are casualties too. Some of the enemies are closer than the allies--it's hard to know who to fight and who to help. Chaos. High stakes and sharp stakes.

The book goes from one emotional, gut wrenching sequence to another. There were several series of events that were the quality of a plot climax, but they weren't. The book pulls you in and then twists you around, stretches you out, squeezes you from within and leaves you screaming, gasping, shocked, thrilled and numb. Oh what a fun ride! This is definitely on my favorites' shelf, and it gets 5 stars. Thanks, Alyxandra for a wonderful vampire party!

(Only downer--though the cover is beautiful and I'm usually a fan of the near kiss poses--who are they? The 16-18 year-old main characters? Um, no, just no.)

Plotting Subplots 
•Add support to the main character’s plot
•To understand the main character better
•Develop the theme
•Add interest to the lives that intersect the main character’s
•Complicates the problem for the main character

By the way--this series does a fantastic job with subplots!

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