Friday, September 14, 2012

Fantasy Genres

What am I reading now?  Shadowfell (Juliet Marillier)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  I'm not really a fantasy reader, high fantasy that is. I love paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk when fantasy and scifi get mixed together.

But this book may change my mind!
I enjoyed it a lot. I'm grateful the book was not crammed full of world-building or new creatures with bizarre unpronounceable names. Too many high fantasy books are really just boy-books. (I know this is a term that is gets bashed, but girls tend to read for relationships and boys for worlds and adventures.) This one is great for girls. I haven't ready anything by this author before, but I've looked her up now and am putting some of her other books on my to-read list.

The  king has outlawed magical use by anyone but himself and enforces the law with swift death. Neryn travels with her father, hiding since her family was murdered because of suspicion or knowledge of their rebellion against the king or their abilities with magic. That is until her father loses her in a game of chance.  She doesn't know if the man who won her is interested in her freedom or her capture. Without knowing who to trust she sets out to find Shadowspell and join the rebels to save themselves and their land, Alban.

Fantasy Genres 

What makes a story fit the fantasy genre? And how is it differentiated into the sub-categories of fantasy? 

Fantasy: These stories have strange settings that invite the suspension of reality

High Fantasy: Novel is set in an alternate world or has an other-worldly setting, not like our world but has it’s own rules to follow

Low Fantasy: The world of the novel is like our world but with the inclusion of magical elements

Paranormal Fantasy: low fantasy where there is an alternate culture that includes monsters and/or magic as a normal element, along side but hidden from the main culture, main focus is often romance

Urban Fantasy: Setting is contemporary and in a city, includes strong elements of mythology, main focus is often character arc.

Steampunk: The setting is set during in a time period which experienced a great change in scientific thinking (Renaissance, Victorian Era, Industrial Revolution). The world is torn between the old thinking (gods, mythology, magic, monsters) and the new thinking (scientific thinking and processes). The world has fantastical elements of technology (example: steam powered flight machines)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up Canda. I don't read or write fantasy, but have friends that do and I still get confused. Now, I'll be able to understand some of what they're talking about :)

Melanie Macek

kbrebes said...

Nice job, Canda, as usual. Love your blog postings!