Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Story Recipe

What am I reading now?  Innocent Darkness (Suzanne Lazear, The Aether Chronicles #1)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? Noli is in trouble again. Again! Steven (she calls him V), her partner in crime, tries to take the blame but the police officer doesn't buy it.  This time she isn't given a way out. In fact, if she will go in front of a judge if she isn't sent to a reform school (a gentle one for young ladies of social ranking) to grow up and change her ways.
Her mother agrees to the bargain and she is sent to Findley House. It isn't an education center. It's an abusive environment. When she has the chance to run away, she does.

This is billed as steampunk, but it's only just barely so. It's mostly a story about fairies. That's okay by me--I like that too! I had fun with this story. I would have given it 5 stars, except I took one away for TMI on physical intimacy near the end. It's not for 12-year-olds as advertised!

Story Recipe
Notes from Caleb Warnock's Presentation at
Utah Valley Writers' Workshop

•The FIRST PAGE of the story should start on the day that is different, at the moment everything changes.

•The FIRST HALF of the book is where the Protagonist is being chased by the problem.

•At the FLIP-OVER POINT the Protagonist is tired of being chased and decides to save him/herself.

•Although the Protagonist is trying to solve the problem the RULE OF THREE comes into play here; 3 tries and 3 fails before succeeding.

•In the end, determine the PHYSICAL PRICE of the success; something was gained and something must be lost.

•Identify the EMOTIONAL REWARD; what new insight does the character have now or what emotional growth has occurred?

There's no way to put everything he taught about how to manage a plot from his presentation into this post, but his ebook has much, much more. Click here to take a look---> PlotShop

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Shantal said...

These are great ideas. I've been stuck for months. I have a great beginning and ending and I really have no idea how to put the two together. This should help. Thanks!