Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What is the "middle"?

What am I reading now?  Taken at Dusk (C.C. Hunter, Shadow Falls Novel #3)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? Kylie hangs out with the wrong people at the wrong party and her mother freaks, sending her to away to summer camp.

What do you think a summer camp for troubled teens would look like? Large fence. Fairies abound. Limited visiting hours. Blood donations for vampires. Weres that flaunt how cool it is to be a wolf. Out in the middle of nowhere. A camp counselor that can read your thoughts/future/emotions. YIKES. Ghosts and witches. Of course. And of course two guys she thinks are sexy, trying to spend time with her. Yup, you can bet that'll cause a few fights. The usual right?

That's the usual at Shadow Falls. Kylie is the only human amid a paranormal circus. Until she starts to change.

Click HERE to check out this series on Goodreads. The fourth book is slated to come out October 2, 2012! I love it that publishers are starting to pick up the pace on putting the books out for a series every six months now instead of every 12 months. Here's a peek at the cover for the next one:

Yes--I'm still working on the middle of my story

What is the middle? 
The Beginning gets us into the characters and setting. It sets up the goals the main character has. It helps us develop enough friendship (or morbid curiosity) with the characters that we'll stick with them to see what's going on. And finally, it introduces a problem. Which gets solved in the End. The Middle is where the interest intensifies by revisiting the hints laid in the beginning by taking them to extremes in the storyline. Make each event press the character into reaction, action, mistakes or discovery. Innocent looking details in the Beginning take on new meaning in the middle.

Small paragraph, that.

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