Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Re-evaluating the Middle

What am I reading now? Temptation (Karen Ann Hopkins)

Annnd . . . what do I think so far? He's Amish; she's not.

Sometimes you're attracted to someone for no more than the reason that your heart tells you to love and your body agrees. Rose and Noah barely meet and are drawn together despite her family's objections and his church and community's control. They steal moments together, but fail to keep their relationship a secret.

There's a lot of tension between the main characters and the different worlds they come from. I couldn't decide (still can't) if I wanted them to be together, but I totally bought in that they want it. I could even see Noah's point of view that it could work for them is his world. If you're a fan of forbidden romances, this one is for you.

Middles are Hard to Write...Here's Why...

Just thinking about how to write the middle of stories without having them sag.

•The character's problem has to be examined or pushed on from multiple angles
•If it's a problem that's too small, there won't be enough to write about
•The character will incrementally change as a result of each examination
Painful realizations and ah-has abound
New and innovative ideas from the characters are necessary to make their plans and goal still work

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