Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Make a Book Trailer

What am I reading now?  Edenbrooke (Julianne Donaldson)

Annnd . . .  what do I think so far?  This is a fun and well written Regency romance. It fits the older YA market and adult readers as well.

Marianne's dilemma: Choose a suitor
Will it be...
A) Old, bald, bad breath, writes love "poems"
B) Good looking, not much else of substance
C) Gorgeous, built, rich, kind, athletic, honest, chivalrous, loyal, protective, charming, great dancer and equestrian, titled, surprising, heroic, sensitive, thoughtful, honor-bound, flirtatious, serious, gentle...

Don't buy this one in ebook. You are going to want the real book so the spine will bend in all the right places, then you can reread your favorite scenes in this story. (Reader's hint--read at least to page 20 before you decide if you'll read on. You'll thank me later.)

Here's the book trailer...

How to Make a Book Trailer

You're probably expecting me to give step by step directions that include words like html and java or flash.
All you really need to know is Copy, Paste, Click.

Sign up for Animoto for an easy (and free) book trailer experience at
Here's one I made for our new book "Damnation"


Donna K. Weaver said...

Nice! That's the trailer with the fewest words I've seen but they're good words. I would so buy this book.

Rebecca Shelley said...

Very interesting. I've been looking for something like this. Though a quick read over their site makes it sound like you can only use their videos for personal use, unless you pay for the pro plan and to get the licensed music clips. A book trailer might be classified as business advertising. Still, I'm very excited to pursue this option. Thanks for posting about it.

The Damsel in Dis Dress said...

I just finished Edenbrooke and I laughed out loud at your perfect review, especially the Dilemma: A, B or C. hahhahaaa!!! Loved it.