Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Advice Received at Storymakers

What am I reading now? Endure (Need #4, by Carrie Jones)

Annd . . . what do I think so far? This is the fourth and final book in the Need series: Need, Capitvate, Entice and Endure. Zara White is half-pixie--that's good and bad. On the one hand, Astley makes her his queen. On the other, Nick wants her human again. The love triangle heats up as the apocalypse does.

The first few pages were hard to get through—there seemed to be too many new elements that interrupted the bond I felt with the first three books in this series. But patience pays off—in a big way! As soon as I incorporated the new elements, the story was romantic, thrilling, sad, and caused way more anxiety--in a good way.

The book is as intense as are Zara’s choices. 
Who to love? Who to trust? Who to fight along side? Who will die? 
It kinda broke my heart a couple of times, but the ending was a rush (and by ending I mean the last quarter of the book.) The twist at the end left me breathless for an entire scene! This was a great finale' to a fun series.

And the best news--It's out today!!
The best writing advice I received this week:
I attended a class at the LDStorymaker Conference this weekend taught by Kiersten White (author of the Paranormalcy Series) about Plotting and Pacing. There were a lot of great tips that she gave us for how to keep interest in our stories and in the individual scenes. She told us several times to keep the characters moving. If they're sitting or standing or leaning, change it. Get them moving.

When we find a scene  like that in our story we are supposed to ask ourselves:
Is there another way you could deliver this information while the characters are moving? 

So there it is, the advice I'm working on for this week. Thanks, Kiersten!

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Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Great stuff Canda. I think I'll apply this right now (editing a scene with too much sitting)

kbrebes said...

Nice advice! So great to see you at conference, Canda!!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Fine, but people aren't always moving. I worry that would exhaust me. lol And the scene that's been kicking my butt on my edit has people moving. There's a scene in the new Avengers movie that kind of reminded me of my scene.