Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hunger Games Movie

What am I reading now?  Goddess Interrupted (Aimee Carter

Annnd . . . what do I think so far?  Soooo glad Aimee Carter didn’t follow the traditional Greek mythology when writing this tale! I enjoyed the first in this series very much, Goddess Test. I immediately started reading the second, Goddess Interrupted. This is a fun series. Easy read. The plot twists in both books surprised me—didn’t see either of them coming!

Quicky of Book 1:
Kate Winters is raised by her single mom—who’s dying of cancer—soon. Kate moves her back to her mom's childhood home. While there she meets Henry, who claims to be Hades. After an accidental drowning, Kate makes a bargain with him that will save one life but forfeit the freedom of her own.

Book 2: Goddess Interrupted
Kate is immortal, but it’s not like she has the promise of living forever. I know how it sounds. Immortal = live forever. Wrong. What could kill a god? A titan and there just happens to be one. Looking for her. And another dilemma, does she really want to be the Queen of the Underworld or should she get out of Hell before she’s trapped there. Right, not Hell, the Underworld. Still. Henry seems to be in love with Persephone and has no room in his heart for her--and because she's deeply in love with him, that's Hell in my book.

I think at this point in the story, I didn’t breathe for at least four chapters. The cliffhanger! The cliffhanger? I will definitely be buying the next in this series.

The Hunger Games Movie
So, what'd ya' think?

I was surprised how right Hollywood got this one. It actually followed the storyline of the book! It's so disappointing to have read a book only to go to the movie and see nothing familiar, except maybe the names of characters.

I cried in the same places as I did in the book. In fact, I had the same emotions throughout.
CONFESSION: I'm not a Hunger Games fan--book or movie. Yup, read it. Saw it.

Here's why. 1) Provocative, this one's good.  2) Depressing, this one's not.

     •Great themes to discuss from this story? YES!
           How does civilized people justify their inhumanity?
           Does media desensitize us to blatant abuses of civil rights?
           What are you willing to do or to be to survive?

     •I'd rather have something that lifts the soul. There is nothing in the story that gives me hope. Nothing to leave me a better person from the experience. I know that's the point. I got it. I just don't want it.

My bet is--what ever you thought of the book, you thought of the movie too. If you loved the book, you loved the movie.
Tell me--What'd ya' think?


Cathy said...

I think they did a pretty good job with the Hunger Games movie. My daughter was disappointed by the lack of supporting characters you were able to meet in the game. She remembers liking a lot of them. We discussed how long it would take to make a movie that included getting to know all of them. I think they did well with the time they had.

Gussie said...

I'm not a Hunger Games fan either. We're definitely in the minority. I started to read the book but didn't get far. It made me angry.