Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This one's just right!

What am I reading now?  The Moonstone Series (Marilee Brothers)

Annnd. . . what do I think so far? I received The Moonstone Series (Unbidden Magic) by Marilee Brothers as a review copy from NetGalley. The book includes four titles Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun, and Shadow Moon.

Main character Alfrieda, (Allie) lives in a camper that’s parked in a relative’s pasture with her deadbeat mom, who is an alcoholic. I liked that Allie could hold it all together; she grew up fast and made decisions in her own life that gave her some normalcy. At school, her friends are losers and nobodies. When Ally gets electrocuted and flung to the dirt, she finds she has telekinetic abilities.

Some things change, attracting the interest of a gorgeous guy, Junior Martinez. He’s a known player and a suspected gang member, but Allie sees a side of him that is caring and supportive. Junior sees beyond her family situation as well to a girl who is strong and smart in school and life. Oh and some things don’t change, like she still gets bullied and harassed by people at school.

The series follows her discovery of the magical abilities she has because of a prophecy and the moonstone necklace a friend, Kizzy, give her on her fifteenth birthday.  Kizzy is a grandma-figure to Allie and an anchor to her soul and destiny. I like Kizzy’s perspective toward the supernatural in all the books.

Overall, I enjoyed the series, giving it 3 stars (good book). 
This series is a good light read to relax with. And no, it isn't finished yet.

Books in a Series: How many is just right? 
It seems that many more books come out in a series than they did even just a few years ago. So I wondered what readers think is the optimal number for keeping interest high and bringing resolution to the story. 
I imagine Goldilocks siting in Mamma Bear's rocking chair while she's reading, saying, "This one's too long. This one's too short. This one's just right." So tell me: What is just right?
Please answer this poll: How many books in a series will you read?

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Cathy said...

Canda, you must read in your sleep. I can't believe the number of books you read. Thanks for sharing all your reviews. They are awesome.

JoLyn Brown said...

It was difficult for me to pick one option in your poll. LOL. I think it's because I invest in characters. If I feel like nothing is happening or the characters take a turn for the worse, whether it's a stand alone or long series, I'll stop reading. I need a reason to invest my time. "Just right" for me has less to do with size and more to do with content.

Carolyn Twede Frank said...

I prefer stand alone books, only because I'm impatient and don't want to wait a few years to read the climax/resolution of the story. That said, my current WIP is going to be the first in a series. Okay, so I'm a hypocrite.

Maria Hoagland said...

I agree with Carolyn--I really enjoy stand alones, but that may be the genres--I enjoy contemporary women's fiction. So when I read a book that I love, I just look for another by the same author--that way I can enjoy the writing, but I like having different characters/ situations/ resolutions. But most of the time, I think I must be in a minority :) And I certainly read every word of the Harry Potter series.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I voted that I would read longer series, but I do think three is a good length. But that also depends upon the planning. Harry Potter was 7 books, but they were designed specifically for that. The Wheel of Time just got our of control and morphed. The House of Night Series is taking longer because the mother/daughter authors couldn't decide who the mc should end up with. I quit reading.

So I will say that I will keep reading a well-done, longer series.

Renae W. Mackley said...

How do I get the vote widget? I like the idea. Great post.

Canda said...

The widget for the poll is in blogger's choices for "design" when you are adding to the sidebars. You add the poll into the side bar, then you go into the design html and find the poll. You copy and past the html for the poll--move it to the position you want it in the html for the post you have created--and paste. Then you delete the poll from the sidebar.

Rebecca Shelley said...

I love to read long series with lost of books. :D