Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another New Year's Goal. . .

What am I reading now?  Moon Spell, River Cast and Blood Solstice  (Samantha Young, Lunarmorte Series)

And what do I think so far?  I'm really enjoying this series--lots of emotional twists. Painful--sometimes it's completely painful. I'll finish the third book tonight. Yup--good enough to keep reading the series. 

Here's the official blurb for the books: 
Enter a world of fierce wolves, stunning magic and romance...

It’s bad enough feeling different among the human crowd, but feeling different among wolves? 

No one said returning to her pack would be easy, especially after ten years without them, but seventeen year old Caia Ribeiro is unprepared for the realities of the transition. Caia was raised in a world with a real life threat of enemy supernaturals who might come creeping into their community to kill them in their sleep. She’s used to the mystery and the intrigue of the ancient underworld war she’s bound to by chance of birth. What she’s having trouble with are pack members treating her with wary suspicion, the Elders tucking secrets behind their backs, and her young Alpha, Lucien, distracting her with a dangerous attraction from her decision to uncover the truth.

But as the saying goes ‘the truth will out’ and when it does, Caia will only have so long to prepare herself before the war comes pounding on their door threatening to destroy the safe, secret lives of the wolves… and the girl they protect.

(p.s. I finished the third book before this posted--so--update. Yes. I enjoyed the series. Loved the connection with Greek gods mythology, only one scene skipped in book 1)

Another New Year's Goal I have been thinking about and making adjustments to my retirement plan.
I. Know!
Who wants to think about that?
It's all confusing, leaving me running and screaming to the mall.
But here's some help:
Retirement Quest (John Hauserman)

I'm not a do-it-yourself type of retirement person. But this book gives enough information that you can carry on an intelligent conversation with someone who can help you make decisions about saving for retirement.

The book blurb:
                                          Make better decisions . . .
•Get the unbiased advice you need
•Avoid costly mistakes
Where are you getting your financial advice? How to you know your interests are being safeguarded? How do you kno that your advisors are competent? How can you know they're putting your interests first? 

If you want to build a secure financial future, this it the book that will help show you how.

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