Monday, November 21, 2011

Scene It

What am I reading now?  Silence (Becca Fitzpatrick)
Annnd. . . what do I think so far?  I was thrown by the opening--she has selective amnesia, Patch is nowhere in sight and several months have passed. I'm about half-way into the story now, and I like feeling the confusion the main character, Nora, who woke up in a cemetery. I'm kind of nervous that she's going to fall in love with a character from the past book. Not that I thought Patch was all that great for her, but I'm invested in their relationship. I actually think a new guy might be good for her. *feeling disloyal* Unless he goes all bad-A angel on her too.

Scene ----> Sequel

You may have noticed that I'm studying scene development--since I've blogged about it before. I want to find out how to craft or design scenes that reflect the mood, emotion and tension of the part of the story I'm working on. Although a novel has many scenes that move the plot along, it's not all scenes. Between scenes are sections called sequel.

Sequels allow the reader time to process what has just happened in a scene.

Jack M. Bickham (Scene & Structure) lists the four classic elements of a sequel:
1) Emotion
2) Thought
3) Decision
4) Action

He states that sequel allows the author to highlight or "amplify any given portion" of the scene that precedes it. What did the POV character take away from the conflict just experienced?


franklycreative said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Jane Isfeld Still said...

Good info Canda :) and different LOL

Kurt Kammeyer said...

I like to imagine I use these elements without even thinking about them, but I'm not so sure. Thanks for pointing them out!

Renae W. Mackley said...

I've heard of rests or pauses in the action that let the reader breathe but thinking of them as a sequel is new to me. This is more descriptive as it directly relates to the previous scene. Interesting idea. Thanks, Canda.
I blogged about scenes today. Come on over to renaeswritespot.

Carlajo said...

Becca was in my first writer's group when I started reading, but I've never read her books, yet. Where do I start?

Canda said...

The first book is Hush, Hush, then Crescendo then this one, Silence.