Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Happened to that NaNo Book?

What am I reading now?   Sirensong (Jenna Black)

Annnd. . . what do I think of it so far?  The first book was Glimmerglass. It was a fun read and I think I even gave one away in my summer celebration. I was not sold on the premise established at the end of the second book, Shadowspell, in this series--The fate of the world rests on a girls ability to stay a virgin. Really that was it. So this is the third book. I'm enjoying the characters (new and continuing) and I'm hoping for more depth of life in this book.

The back cover blurb promises a visit to the Seelie Court, assassination attempts, and fleeing for her life--sounds good to me.

What happened to that NaNo book you were writing?
Back last November, I joined the National Novel Writing Month contest. The goal is simple write 50,000 words for a story (translation=write a novel in a month) between Nov. 1-30. I began and typed more than I've ever produced in single sittings before.

Didn't make it though. I wrote about 10,000 words that month. I celebrated because it was definitely my personal best.

So, I'm still working on that book. Damnation (That's the title not my attitude.) Currently I'm at about 85% complete.

I just couldn't figure out how to turn off the internal editor. Still haven't. I'd write sentences and scenes then go back and rewrite them before I moved on.

Three books in two years. Not quick by any standard, but a great way to spend time. Loving it.

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