Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why do you write?

What am I reading now?  Identity (Betsy Love)

Annnd. . . what do I think so far? They say everyone has a twin in the world. Amelia and Savannah meet each other while vacationing in Mexico. One is a wealthy heiress with business secrets. The other is preparing to serve a mission. Even the best friend and fiance' can't tell them apart.
--Neither can the murderer.

Genre: LDS fiction; romance and suspense

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Why Writing?
Of all the things to do that could cause more angst, overwhelm and disappointment, why choose writing as a hobby/interest/profession?

I've written for a very long time, *%-&# years! I entered a poem in a contest in fourth grade (won second place) and had a poem read on the radio in fifth grade. And I was hooked! Found out is wasn't cool to be a writer in high school, so it went underground, but I kept writing.

But I'd never considered writing a novel. Putting lots of words to a page scared me. I preferred poetry.
Few, powerful,
Curling as smoke
Stabbing at shadows

I've tackled the novel lately, and I'm learning so much! Okay, I write because it's creation. Writing gives me a way to spill my emotions through my characters. Through writing I carve myself up and let each piece grow independent of my whole, sprouting new could-bes.

So--What do you write and why do you write?


Donna K. Weaver said...

I write because I found out how fun it is. I've always had stories going on in my head, but once I put them down on paper they flesh out, and I can complete a story whereas before I only snippets.

Angie said...

I don't think I could quit writing even if I wanted to. It's just a part of me. I've never been any good at poetry, though. For a long time I wrote short stories. Now novels are a part of my life again.

Betsy Love said...

I love to tell stories! And when I write I get to keep them. It's fun to write snippets in my novels of things that actually happen in our family and my kids all chuckle when they read them. It's like all these inside jokes with my kids. Writing is a way to keep my sanity. If I was told I couldn't write, my life would over. :D

Lacie Myers said...

I write for the same reason a bird builds a nest -- I need a place to hold my creations.

Betsy Love said...

Great Metaphor Lacie!

Rachel Rager said...

I write because it's an escape from real life!! :) I can't wait to read this book!! :)