Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing With Young Children

Annnd. . . what do I think so far what's the blurb? This book is full of ideas for preparing lessons to teach comprehension strategies through using nonfiction text. Includes ideas for graphic organizers, vocabulary support, choosing texts, follow up activities, differentiation.
Genre: Teacher Book: Adult Non-fiction

Tips for Writing With Young Children
• The best advice for writing with young children is the same for most things--have fun. 
• After an activity ask the child to help you save that memory. Share the pen with them to write the words. 
• Say each word slowly with them and ask them to write the letters they hear while you fill in the rest of the letters needed. Help them leave spaces and use punctuation. (By "help" I mean you do it and tell them what you're doing.)
• Reread the whole sentence together after you complete each word--you point or they point or you both point to the words.  
• After you complete a sentence draw a picture to illustrate. 
• You could plan to write together often in a special  book as their first step into journaling. Buy a nice one--this will be a treasure!

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