Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things are Changin'

What am I giving away now?  Trait Based Mini-Lessons for Teaching Writing (Megan S. Sloan)

Annnd. . . what's the blub? A whole book of writing lessons for children in grades 2-4. No, you probably won't teach any of these lessons just the way they're written, but it could give you some ideas to springboard from.

Things are Changin'
We are working hard this summer! Normally you think of schools as shutting down in the summer and cranking up again in August. Nope--okay the schools are probably closed, but our team at the district is very busy. And it's a good thing!

Our state is one of many who adopted a curriculum with more rigorous academic standards, and we start training teachers next year (and continue for three years).

I'm on board with the change.

What do I like about it? 
•I like the combination of reading and writing in every lesson (from kindergarten through high school)
•and the emphasis it places on nonfiction as well as fictional texts.
•The lessons require deeper thinking skills and decision making by learners.
•I like the de-emphasis on WORKSHEETS (all caps because it's really a four letter word)
•Grammar is taught in context (I'm sure some publishers will put out more workbooks though) because that's what grammar really is--speaking, listening, writing and reading messages.

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Liz said...

Writing is still such a challenge at times for children. I would love to be able to teach it in a more positive fun way.

Mama's Boys said...

It sounds like it would be great to use with my kids.

Trina H.

SHELLY said...

This book sounds great.

P.S. I have something for you on my blog. Come and get it. Just scroll past the 7 things and you'll find it.