Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love this book--You will too!

What am I giving away now?  Wolves, Boys and Other Things that Might Kill Me (Kristen Chandler)
Annnd. . .  what 's the blurb? When KJ Carson is assigned to write a column for her school newspaper about the wolves in nearby Yellowstone National Park, she’s more interested in impressing Virgil Whitman, the new kid in school and the photographer assigned as her partner, than in investigative journalism. But before long, KJ has a face-to-face encounter with a wolf that changes her and the way she thinks about wolves. 

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Creating a Platform
At our ANWA (American Night Writers Association) meeting this month, Heather B. Moore (Author of 9 books--here's her website LINK) talked with us about creating a platform for promoting ourselves as authors and our books. Her ideas fell into the categories of networking, building expertise, creating relationships with readers and promoting your books.

She gave a whole page of ideas for us to think about; here are some highlights:
• join author groups
• volunteer at conferences
• join a speakers' bureau

Building Expertise
• research background
• visit societies that connect to the topics of your books
• write articles

Creating Relationships with Readers
• blog regularly
• Facebook
• Twitter

Promoting Your Books
• visit groups interested in your books' topics
• make a book trailer
• sometimes you only have 30 days from the time it's out to push it before your publisher moves on to newer books

What are you doing to build your platform?
How do you connect with the authors of books you like?


Lynn Parsons said...

This was interesting--I'm trying to promote my book right now, and as a newbie--I'm a little lost. You gave me loads to think about!

Donna K. Weaver said...

So much good information in that session. Like you, it gave me loads to think about.

SaMarenda said...

Looks like an interesting book and I know someone who loves wolves that would like to read it.

Cheri Chesley said...

Every time I see this book I want to buy it, but then I tell myself I need to wait till it comes out in paperback. Oh! Pick me!! :)

Gayle said...

I've heard great things about this book! My husband's family is from western Wyoming so I'm especially interested in the setting for it.

Liz said...

Good information about promoting your book, and yourself.
I would like to read the book as well.

Melanie said...

I heard Kris speak on voice at WIFYR and wanted to buy the book but the funds just weren't there.

Andrea Campbell said...

Another book I'd love to read!

Mama's Boys said...

I've heard good things about this book, and would love to read it.

Trina H