Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Improvement

What am I reading giving away now?  Bedtime at the Swamp (Kristyn Crow)
Annnd. . . what do I think so far what's the blurb? So if you find yourself in the swamp being chased by a monster, there's only one person who can save you . . .
Genre: Picture Book

Fun, lyrical bedtime story--love it.

To win this signed copy of Bedtime at the Swamp:
1.  Follow my blog
2.  Leave a comment
3. Check back to see if you won.

Shelly wins Wrong Number--contact me and let me know where to send it. :)

Blog Improvement
I started blogging last fall--it's been quite an experiment. I try new things or add features to my blog based on what I see on blogs I read.

BUT I could really use your advice.

What do you like blogs to look like?
What makes a good blog post?
What should I avoid on my blog?
What are some great ideas you've seen elsewhere?


SaMarenda said...

Looks like a great kids book!

Liz said...

I just love picture books! There is always room on my shelf for another one.

Mama's Boys said...

Always love a good picture book!

Andrea Campbell said...

Looks like a fun book!

Angie said...

The blog looks good!

RaShelle said...

Looks great!!!

Renae W. Mackley said...

I'd love to win the book for my grandkids. I'm still trying to figure out the blog thing but I think this looks great. I've enjoyed seeing what you are reading and what you think so far. I like the change of the big, bold heading and the followers across the top is different. More than anything about anyone's fancy, shmancy stuff it that I like readable print. Black and white works great.

Gayle said...

I love new picture books to read to my grandkids!

Natalie Kay said...

I'm entering to win Bedtime at the Swamp. Looks cute! :)

And... I could help design a blog header for you. I'm not professional or anything, but I would love to help you out.

Stacy Henrie said...

I'm so glad I finally found your blog! :)