Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break

What am I reading now?  Story Engineering (Larry Brooks)
Annnd. . . how do I like it so far?  I'm taking his class at StoryMakers Conference in a couple of weeks, and he suggested that we would get more out of his session if we read this first. Wow--everything you wanted to know about outlining a novel, and why you should do it even if you don't want to originally. I'm still out on how much outlining I want to do, but I'm open to thinking about this.

Spring Break Highlights
The Las Vegas M&M Store with my grand-daughters,

Trying all the samplers at the Coke store with the Fam,

And the PBR Last Cowboy Standing Rodeo at
To watch Luke Snyder win $200,000 by being the last cowboy standing,

AND apparently, I can't leave the writer-in-me home even on vacation. I was just walking down The Strip, reading the stars on the sidewalk on autopilot when I noticed this:

Yes, singer is spelled wrong. The N is backwards. I suppose the lesson here is that if you are going to set it in stone and sink it into concrete, it might be worth proof reading--first.

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Gail said...

Poor Juan. Now I will only remember him as the guy with the misspelled star.