Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have you been there?

What am I reading now?  Unearthly (Cynthia Hand)
Annnd. . .  what do I think about it so far?  (About 1/3 of the way in) I really like Clara, the main character. She's smart, strong, a little unsure and trying to figure things out. I like her friends Angela and Wendy--and Wendy's brother, Tucker. I'm still undecided about Christian (supposed love interest). Not much has been revealed about him and much more time is spent on Tucker. I feel a flip coming.
The cover of the book is beautiful in graytones and shiny pale purple--yes, I often buy books by whether or not I love the cover.

Have you been there?
Tonight at book club, we looked at a couple of websites that are really fun to include in literature lessons.

•The first one we viewed was
It uses google earth to fly you around the setting of the story. As you click onto markers, you get extra background information about that section of the book--videos, pictures, related websites and summary information.

•The next one was
In this one the designers have noted interesting phrases or important information in the text (gives the page number and quotes the book) then gives background information to help with understanding. Other tabs give setting information, a review of the book, author info, a glossary and a summary.

Buzz over to both and have some lit fun!

P.S. Aprilynne Pike was our guest author tonight, traveling from Arizona to meet with us. (Thank you so much.) It was a delight to hear her story of how she came to be a writer, and the perseverance she had to continue on that path. I'm sure glad she did. An interesting insight she gave us into the "Wings series" is related to her background in biology. The faerie are the plant kingdom equivalent of the humans in the animal kingdom. She put a lot of thought into what the differences in biological make up would do to the way she could write the emotional responses of Laurel. I really hadn't made that connection while reading her books. No heartbeat so no racing heart, no blood so no blushing. While reading the books, I was fine suspending reality and just allowing her to be faerie. But I really love that thought. Thanks, Aprilynne.

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franklycreative said...

Thanks for the insight into Aprilynne's book. I have a degree in botany and so I think I might find her books interesting.