Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wear the Wings

What am I reading now?
Meg's Melody (Kaylee Baldwin)
Annnd. . . What do I think so far?  I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet romance. Sometimes when you lose love, you find your own strength and get your life back. This is a great read for Valentine's.

Wear the Wings

A few days ago, I dropped in after lunchtime while my granddaughter was helping her mom make a lemon cake for dinner. Here's what I saw:
The wings make me giggle. Then, this past Sunday, she wore tap shoes to church. OMG--how cute is she!

Here's the point~
•Stop thinking about what the right thing to do is--like there must be a right thing in all things.
•Stop thinking about what someone might think.
•Just wear the wings and tap as happily as you want to.

Maybe there's a day when she won't want to put on the wings. Sad, but okay. She'll do something else that makes her equally happy.

Let's say it together, "Me, too."


Taffy said...

Sweet! We can learn much from children!

Gail said...

So cute and very true. We need to do more things that make us happy and not care about what the world thinks.

RaShelle said...

So adorable. The wings rule. Love the hat, too. =D

Welch-Mortensen said...

She is just too cute!! I actally giggled out loud in my office. Thanks for the picture to brighten up my day :-)

Rachelle said...

That's darling! Love your thoughts too.

Carlajo said...

I'm definitely getting a pair of those!

Rebecca Shelley said...

Love the wings. What a cute fairy.