Monday, December 27, 2010


What am I reading now? Crescendo (Becca Fitzpatrick)
Annnd . . . what do I think so far? From murder to steamy kisses to dumped in 50 pages. Hang on it's going to move fast.

The new year is coming right up. I mean right up! Am I the only one here who is a little surprised that 2010 was only half as long as a usual year? I know I needed a little more time to get things done.

So, it's time to start my list for resolutions. Here goes:

1. Eat less. Or eat less while reading. Or eat less chocolate while reading. (Yes, I know "less" is a relative term and of course I'll be unbiased and completely honest.)

2. Save money. Or save money by buying items on sale. Or save money by buying more books on sale. (I may have to double my book budget.)

3. Exercise. Or exercise daily. (Uh-oh. This one sounds serious. What to do? Got it.) Or exercise restraint daily. (whew)

I'll keep looking for a few more. How about you--are you resoluting this year?


Renae W. Mackley said...

I hung out on your blog longer just to finish the song. This could be dangerous! LOL

kbrebes said...

I have to admit that I turned off my sound. My goal is to stay calm this year and to practice faith--that has nothing to do with your music because I LOVE to dance to loud music, but when I'm concentrating on reading then I can only abide soft, slow music. Good luck with your goals, Canda! They're good ones!

Tristi Pinkston said...

2010 was actually not my best year and I'm glad it's almost over. 2011 is going to totally rock, though!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, and as far as music goes, some blog readers prefer to click on play so they can decide whether to listen. Personally, my speakers are always off unless I turn them on purposely. I like the song, though.