Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blizzard Anyone?

What am I reading now? Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare)
Annnd. . . how do I like it so far? LOVE IT! Fun Steam-punk, beautiful writing, interesting/confusing/complex characters. I'm at page 386 of the 476--I'll finish this morning.

Blizzard anyone?
Yes, I'll take one. Ooh, and make it a double.

Here's the rest of the story. . .
•Orlando, Florida--82 degrees--left after a wonderful conference, chucked full of YA authors at noon on Tuesday. No coat needed!
•Landed in Memphis--62 degrees--flight was delayed for and hour and a half, instead of arriving in Salt Lake City at 4:00 we got there at 6:00. What time was the blizzard supposed to hit? Oh, yeah, 6:00. Got it. Probably best not to land if you would crash anyway. :)
•SLC Airport wouldn't let us land so diverted back to Grand Junction, Colorado--28 degrees--wish I had a coat.
•Delta Airlines has no flights available out of Grand Junction. You know, busiest airline travel days of the year coming up. :( apparently not for me.
•Sitting in a hotel now waiting for my husband to come pick me up.

Oh well, I can catch up on my blog. Did you know the Walt Disney World Resorts don't have WIFI? I didn't know that, so I been unwired for most of the last 8 days. I could get a few things out on my phone, but the screen and keyboard are tiny, so unless it was really important I didn't.

During the conference, I had the opportunity to listen to dozens of YA authors. Here are a few tips some of them passed on:
Sarah Mynowski
•Define nutshell moments for your character arcs, ah-ha moments that change who they are and how they see their world and their problems
•Create a history of these moments, a chain that defines then redefines the character

David Wiesner
•Look for connections to familiar or popular images, stories, and memories
•It's not the thing you first connect to that you use--it's the thing after that that you connect the first one to, or the one that that new connection connects to that is the one to use.
(hmm, how many times in one sentence can I use "that that", or should I use "that that")

Laurie Friedman
•Keep a basket of clippings from newspapers or magazines, that would resonate with your intended audience, as an idea pool for future scene and story prompts
•Discuss your story with a focus group that represents the audience you want, to give you reactions to your plot, characters and events

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
•Don't need to do the outline before you start writing your ideas; do the outline last to prepare for revision, check for holes, see where you need to kick it up or tone it down

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