Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy B-Day, Blog

What am I reading now? The View from Saturday (E.L. Konigsburg)
Annnnd. . . what do I think so far? Abandoning

Busy week!
I've been teaching all week--all week--one full-day session with kindergarten teachers and six half-day sessions with Reading Recovery Teachers, plus one half-day spent demo'ing a comprehension lesson then a guided reading lesson in a 3rd grade classroom, (This was my favorite part of the whole week. I love teaching.) so this weekend I'm sitting around relaxing (read~learning to develop a blog).

What you might see here if you follow:
•Super secret tips for teaching
•Great original recipes
•Crazy thoughts and ideas
•Shocking personal details (okay, probably nothing truly shocking, but I'm pitching for followers *wink*)

Here's the first teaching tidbit.
5 Ws & and H
It's a wheel for students to use (Oo, physical mediator) to add more details to their stories. Cut them out and put them together with a brass butterfly brad then model how to use it by aligning two words to ask yourself a question. Such as: 'Where' 'is' the main character now? Then answer the question aloud, place a caret in your story and write the answer into your story.

Download template for 5W's & an H here.


LeeAnn Ryan said...

Hi Canda!

Great idea! Good luck in your blog future! I'm looking forward to following you!
Lee Ann (Davis) Ryan

The Hurst Family said...

So excited to follow your blog. I'll be sure to share it with everyone at Manila. I think you're a brilliant teacher.

Shar said...

I hope the abstract background has nothing to do with the afterbirth of this new blog. Thanks for the invite.

Lynne said...

Canda, thanks for posting the link to your blog on Facebook. I'm curious why you abandoned The View from Saturday. I haven't read it, just curious. Also, I love the 5W's and an H wheels; thanks for posting it.